About Us


It all started when…

In 1986 Charlie Hyson started a small masonry company out of his home in the Lincoln county town of Jefferson, Maine. After working his way from apprentice to mason with other area masonry companies, this business was the realization of a dream and years of hard work. Known by his customers as "the grumpy old man" Charlie's skill and personality made his small family company a great success.

Charlie introduced his son, Rob to masonry at a young age, often taking him along to jobs, one of which was the original restoration of the historic Damarisotta Mills fish ladder in the Mid-Coast maine town of Nobleboro. Years later Rob joined the company after having spent time as a general contractor in Virginia as well as commercial construction where he did work for companies such as American Eagle Outfitters. He attended Grand Valley University where he studied Engineering.

After Charlie's passing in 2016, Rob decided to diversify the business and use his years of general contracting to expand the business. In early 2017, Rob hired Cameron Creamer as an additional carpenter to the medomak crew. Cameron worked fiercely up the ranks of the company from carpenter to foreman, eventually to project manager because he always treated each job as if it was his name on the sign. In late 2018, Cameron took over running daily operations of Medomak Construction while Rob began to slowly step back from the business to allow for more home life and time to travel.

In the spring of 2019, Cameron purchased Medomak Construction from Rob to continue the Legacy of quality craftsmanship Charlie started back in 1986.


About The Owner:

                I was born and raised in midcoast Maine. From pastures, to the rocky shore, this is and always will be my home. While attending Lincoln Academy, I always enjoyed math and architectural drafting classes. I spent as much time as possible outside and doing things with my hands. During high school I raced cars across New England and loved the hands on career of mechanics. However, I’ve always thought of myself as the creative type, eventually determining that I wasn’t getting the visual satisfaction from doing repetitive repairs to vehicles. I started building and selling primitive furniture that I designed myself. This sparked an interest and it’s kind of snowballed since then. I have been involved in all aspects of building and continue to educate myself as much as possible. Fast forward to today, I am always looking at new products and methods that allow me to provide my clients with a finished product that is above and beyond their expectations. I understand that building a new home or doing a full renovation on your existing home is more than just a decision. Its a huge financial and emotional commitment, and my goal is to make that a fun and stress free process.